Dear guests, welcome to our Boarding House Dujmović, where Dujmović family wishes you a pleasant stay and an unforgettable vacation in a lovely fishing village called Porat, near Malinska on the island of Krk.

Our home is in the immediate vicinity of the port, the sheltered pier and the beautiful sandy and rocky beaches where you can relax in the sun or in the shade of hundred-year-old trees. Besides swimming in the crystal clear sea, you can also have a pleasant walk along the coast or in the oak woods along the fields and pastures.

You can also take day trips by car to other places on the island like Dobrinj, Vrbnik, Punat with Košljun, Baška and Krk which will delight you with their historical attractions, architecture, the view on the Kvarner Gulf and the hilly regions of Primorje.

In our town Porat and in other places on the island you can enjoy in many cultural events and festivities like concerts, exhibitions, folklore events and regattas that you and your children will remember forever. We are sure that you will transfer that same joy from your vacation on the Adriatic coast to your family and friends when you come back home.

Just a few more words about our home. Here Frankica grows her beautiful flowers with love and prepares excellent meals pod pekom (a traditional way of roasting meat), Josip takes care of all the guests’ needs and might even take you fishing with him, while Katarina serves the guests, always with a smile on her face.

In our small tavern, which has a special atmosphere because of the furniture and items from the country life, we can arrange special private events like birthdays and wedding celebrations or anniversaries.

Yours truly,
Frankica, Katarina and Josip